The Highest Standard of Service
In a Warm & Welcoming Environment

Coral Plaza provides Memory Care and Assisted Living that goes beyond the ordinary with five-star service that keeps the focus on compassion and respect for our residents. Our team of care professionals have been serving in the senior and memory care industry for many years, and we are committed to creating a joyful and welcoming environment while providing the best quality care.

The Right Help When & Where It’s Needed
Assisted Living

Assisted Living at Coral Plaza means providing individualized help that allows residents to experience maximum personal confidence and autonomy. We want you or your loved one to participate as fully as desired, and we have the skills and experience to help everyone get there. We start by crafting a personalized care plan that takes into account social, mental, and physical factors as well as personal preferences. We take pride in getting to know our residents as individuals and friends.

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Resident enjoying  coffee at Coral Plaza, Margate, FL
Staff assisting resident at Coral Plaza,Margate, FL
 Staff helping resident work out at Coral Plaza,Margate, FL
Resident holding hands with her friend  at Coral Plaza,Margate, FL

Support With a Gentle Touch
Memory Care

The decision to place a loved one in Memory Care can be a difficult emotional journey. At Coral Plaza, we are skilled at making this transition as easy and smooth as possible for both residents and their loved ones. We use a gentle touch to help residents become familiar with the new spaces and faces, and we encourage them to participate in the activities that they enjoy most. Our experience at tailoring our approach to different personalities and preferences will set you and your loved one at ease.

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Short-Term Stays at Coral Plaza
Respite Care

Coral Plaza provides short-term Respite Care for when home-based caregivers need a break. Providing round-the-clock care for a loved one is a lot to take on, and even the most experienced and dedicated caregivers can benefit from a well-deserved respite. Our care team are experts at helping our short-term residents feel welcomed and included, and we, of course, provide the same high-quality care and services for everyone. Our short-term residents often enjoy it so much that they come back to stay.

Contact our team for more information about Respite Care for your loved one.

Resident enjoying  coffee at Coral Plaza, Margate, FL
Staff assisting resident at Coral Plaza,Margate, FL
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